Do, cause I won’t.

I won’t stay close to my phone, I won’t stay here waiting fi ya. Just be honest, just be ready, and just look reality face to face. Just look how you destroy everything we rose, just look how you hide problems when sun comes.
Look at me, look at my eyes, and understand that you only had what you want at this point. You couldn’t stay too long with this place, drivin me crazy and turning things silly.


Too late to die young and too young to burn out. I’m so burnt out. I also can fade away, but I’m just saying that I’m happy. Now love me or leave me alone.


Look, I’m tryina get better, but I can’t. How can I if every fucking thing is about you, when every fuckling noise or problem is about you, is your way. I’m treating you like a princess, and you treat me like a fucking rotten fish, and you’re making trouble for this. You know what ? I AM A FUCKING PRINCESS TOO !!! So treat me like that, and stop tell me what you want me to do, what’s wrong and when I do your way, my behaviour still bad. I deserve more, I deserve what I’m givin to you.


I’m tryina drown all the voices are stuck into my head, tried to do therapy, but doesn’t really work for me, I’m still leaving this world, step by step. Still thinking about you, like you’re the best, but you’re still drivin me crazy, I’m losing my stamina, just following you. Don’t be cruel, love me, agree that. Let me be your Superman.
Still wondering why, still wondering how. But I’m still too much sensitive, and you seems to don’t care about.


It’s your turn. Act. Face your fear. And you’ll be better, happy, and with me.

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