Heart dancing

Looking around, she’s looking around,
Skin like silk, eyes like two mochas,
Her tippy toes hitting the ground
Hear howling all the fellas.
But she’s still looking around
Ignoring all the men charming her
Sad eyes still looking around
For the love she threw, like a fool.

He comes to the party, stays at the pool
Looking heels hitting the ground
Through the window he’s smiling at her
But she’s still looking around.
Brown eyes walking through the fellas
Ignoring women all around,
Bewitched by these two mochas.
Dancing at her side, hitting the ground

His perfume, when she smells it
She stops looking around, smiling.
Her smooth skin, her long legs
His eyes, his lips, her nose
Her eyes, her hips, his smile
Sharing heart together. True love.
Hearts dancing all night long
Souls loving all life long.

Mint Juliet

Mint mint mint mint Julep
Mint mint mint mint Julep
Like a brown and green bullet
Like a menthol Romeo and Juliet
Mint mint mint mint Julep
Mint mint mint mint Juliet
Like a brown-eyed mortal bullet
Like a menthol me and Julep
Mint mint mint mint Julep
Mint mint mint mint bullet
Like your menthol gum Juliet
Like if my heart had exploded for her. Yet.

Sweet dreams.

Just need some big and sweet life made about night walking and partying ; love-making with an incredible hot mocha-tanned voluptuous brunette, with this mediterranean-shaped nose and lovely brown eyes, a big heart-shaped ass like the gods themselves will be jealous, comic strips hips, big personality melting her natural kindness, sense of humour and intelligence, wife* ; and pinchers of French 75 (2 ounces gin, 1 ounce gomme syrup, 1 ounce freshly squized lemon juice, Brut champagne to top up) or Caïpirinha (nobody needs recipe) or even Green Russian (2 ounces absinthe, 2 ounces heavy cream, 2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce crème de menthe), to make sure everything’ll be alright while writing and laughing and talking with my wonderful sexy smart stunning smiling naughty infinite-legged high-heeled-shoed wife**.

Enjoying sunset with this generous and unreal woman, my wife, like perfect soul and body (really perfect, such thing like 90E*** for breasts, about 160cm and 70kg****, perfect I said), this way she have to taunt me and mock me with lovely tenderness, to pinch my fingers, to bite my tongue when I’ve just said some macho and sexy words to her, only to drive her crazy and make her laugh.
Enjoying the morn with her talking seriously, a rare intelligence, hair swinging above this so sexy nose. Her words and mind are probably the most perfect thing in the whole fucking world. And the reason why I would love her*****. And cherish her. Cause she’d be just like me, but like a 2.0 better female version.

So, you goddess, yes you, perfect creation of the gods, if you’re somewhere, come. I won’t promise you money, or power, or anything else. Just laughing, happiness, and great sex.


* You can easily replace her by J. Duh.
** Also possible to replace by C. of course. Or also by Anna Krylova.
*** Guess what : this is the minimum authorized (90D also accepted). And guess what else ? This is a common point. Regardless to the stunning personality of C and J. And brown hair. And brown eyes.
**** In fact, any perfect and voluptous combination of height (under 180cm) and weight, with smooth skin.
***** In fact, personality is the most important. I mean, I won’t normally go with you if you’re not stunning, and I won’t stay if you’re not awesome, I mean a wonderful person.

Seule la mort met fin au devoir.

J’repense à cette phrase d’un vieil ami, très juste et que j’n’ai comprise que quelques semaines plus tard.
Toutes les relations enrichissent les hommes, on apprend de tous. De chaque instant de déchirement ou de communion. De chaque doute, chaque étreinte, chaque éclat de voix, chaque odeur. Chaque coup que l’âme subit.
Ces relations, ces feux incandescents qui s’allument et s’éteignent au gré des vents de la passion, tous sont comme un devoir de l’être. Une vérité que la vie nous offre non comme un choix, mais comme une douloureuse obligation, un devoir malheureusement si réel, que même la haine et les douleurs successives ne sauraient faire voler en éclats.

Et il faut nous rappeler que seule la mort met fin au devoir. Ce douloureux devoir qui ravit nos coeurs autant qu’il les fait saigner.

Alors viens, viens me chercher, car j’n’ai pas fini de souffrir ni d’aimer. Je n’suis pas encore mort.


You’re the one my life was waiting for
For your own pleasure I’ll reach Uranus
Your eyes saying what you’re hiding to me
And to you, saying you love me and wanna keep me
Safe, I swear to you we’ll be happy together
Oh, be sure my love for you I’ll reach Venus

Your sweet smile and your tender lips
I’ll be your sun if you swear to be the eclipse
For now and for then, please forgive me
I’ll cross the seven seas to make you smile
Your mind and body bewitching me
I swear to reach each star in your eyes to keep you smile

You make me sick

You make me fucking sick. You don’t deserve my pride and my love no more.

I just want to cut your throat so slowly that you can see the world burn and die before you do. Want to punch every inch of you with my hands, and take pleasure when I hear your thin skin bruising under my beating, your soul terrorized and your tears running when your slutty mouth will beg for mercy.

I was yours, I just was making everything to be your everything. But you make me puke and I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of you, bitch.



I swear I will burn you.


Cette envie de dégueuler, cette envie de te souiller qui est venue des ténèbres, par ta faute, je jure que tu goûteras à son fiel. Ce sera le plus doux nectar pour moi, après cette trahison, aussi confuse sois-tu.

Je suis devenu rage et fureur, mes pensées se bousculent pour savoir de quelle horrible manière je vais pouvoir te faire payer. Des images de langue coupée, de brûlure à l’eau de javel et de lame incandescente se taille une petite allée chaotique vers le graal et l’honneur de prendre vie, aux prises avec celles de liens, de sang et de hurlements de terreur sortant d’une gorge mise à mal.

Je t’ai aimée, j’ai tout fait pour te plaire, pour être la personne que tu dois récompenser de ta bonté, et d’un heureux sort. Et tu m’as trahi.

Et je jure que je vais te faire brûler.