Heart dancing

Looking around, she’s looking around,
Skin like silk, eyes like two mochas,
Her tippy toes hitting the ground
Hear howling all the fellas.
But she’s still looking around
Ignoring all the men charming her
Sad eyes still looking around
For the love she threw, like a fool.

He comes to the party, stays at the pool
Looking heels hitting the ground
Through the window he’s smiling at her
But she’s still looking around.
Brown eyes walking through the fellas
Ignoring women all around,
Bewitched by these two mochas.
Dancing at her side, hitting the ground

His perfume, when she smells it
She stops looking around, smiling.
Her smooth skin, her long legs
His eyes, his lips, her nose
Her eyes, her hips, his smile
Sharing heart together. True love.
Hearts dancing all night long
Souls loving all life long.

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