Time is precious.
Don’t forget calling,
Don’t forget answering.
Don’t forget the glitter in his eyes,
Don’t forget the perfume of her heart.

Time is money,
So don’t forget to spend it as much as you can,
With the loved one.
Don’t forget her smile,
Don’t forget his words.

Time is precious,
Don’t forget to live.
Don’t forget to breathe.
Don’t forget each time he kneels for you.
Each time she leaves for you.

Time is precious,
Don’t forget to love.
Don’t forget to be there.

Again and again and again.
It hurts cause it’s like the doom of a sun.
A dread rose.
An imp crushin your bones inside your own body.

Why I can’t protect myself from this.
Why she can’t walk in the pace of love.
Why she can’t assume this path.
Why I can’t stop loving her ?

It’s like a purple wedding.
Like a cold rain filling the flesh.
But it’s cause hope’s still wandering around you.

Four seasons

Spring and summer
Cause you’re like a flower
You need sun and water
To grow up.

Harder and faster
You make a flower
Of my heart, chasing faster
And harder autumn and winter.

You glow. You help this flower,
Each time we meet together,
To grow even harder and faster
Than before. Cause you’re some kinda
Special, magical human being, like an
 Angel bringing each day to my soul
The pure water she needs to shine brighter
And even when the clouds are rainy
And the evil is hiding sneaky, you’re here just
Like everyone needs. You’re my little sun. Shine.

You sweet devil

​When I hear the song of your heart, it reminds me why I feel better when I hear your voice, breathe your words and sink into to your eyes. Cause you’re the sweet devil, nobody can fight, you’re the only I need to follow. Baby, you’re the sun shining in my sky, banning clouds and storm. When I’m with you, I’m like a butterfly, dancing around the winds your mouth’s exhaling. When you kiss me, I forgot all my desires, becoming one of yours.

Blondie Blondie

Blondie blondie come with me
Dance with my soul, and burn
Sweety tweety with your tiny lips
Passion and fire I make you turn
Around and around the corner
In circle in front of the border
Blondie blondie, please come here
I oath to you your hips won’t cry
Your eyes will dance with mine
Sweety tweety let’s be happy together